Govoni manufacturer of specialist tools

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Govoni manufacturer of specialist tools

Govoni - manufacturer of specialist tools for the automotive industry.

In the 1970s, the car became the basic tool for the broadly understood transport of people and goods. The vans segment has grown to serve the growing market for services and small businesses. Passenger cars cover greater and greater distances, taking their owners to work in new, remote industrial zones. This resulted in the dynamic development of the automotive industry and the popularization of small diesel engines and front-wheel drive cars with a front engine. Car suspensions and bearings have changed. These changes resulted in a huge demand for modern, specialized automotive tools. At that time, at the end of the 1970s, Fausto Govoni opened his tool factory in the Modena region, where as many as 3 Italian car factories are produced.

Photo 1 GOVONI logo and slogan

The product development department, working closely with the automotive industry, is the source of the success of Govoni tools. Thanks to it, they are perfectly adapted to the modern needs of the automotive industry and the latest car designs. The second pillar of the success of Govoni tools is their quality, unchanged at the highest level for over 40 years. All Govoni tools are manufactured in a factory near Modena, in northern Italy, which has the most modern machine park based on CNC machine tools. The third pillar of the success of Govoni tools is their well-thought-out design, supported by patents, which allows any service facility to work more easily and efficiently.

Govoni tools are cataloged in 6 product groups:

  • Timing tools
  • Diesel tools (glow plugs and injectors)
  • Tools for the engine
  • Automotive suspension tools
  • Chassis and body tools
  • Truck tools

Very interesting groups are tools for removing seized injectors and broken glow plugs, tools for bearings and suspension sleeves, hydraulic cylinders for injectors and suspension, tools for gas installations and motorcycles.

How do they work?

In a quarter to 5 p.m. it has stopped raining and I am reaching my destination. It is a service off the beaten track, near Gorzów. I know that Ducato is waiting for me after a documented course of 240,000, but no one knows what he really is. 2.3 JTD engine, diagnosis - regeneration injectors because they smoke and the owner is in danger of losing the registration certificate. Something else is waiting for me - a surprise, the mechanic pointed out, on the phone.

This is my normal job, a demonstration of tools on a living organism, always with a hint of gambling. I want to sell the tools and the mechanic will buy them when I do the work. I like this deal because everyone will earn from it.

Photo 2 Universal set for the injector during operation

Ducato is indeed 11 years old, belongs to the baker who has to deliver the bread in the morning, you know. Only the injectors do not want to cooperate and they must not be destroyed, because they are already waiting to be replaced. Engine prepared, redundant pipes, electrics and plastics dismantled. Electromagnetic injectors - Bosch, stuck in such a way that the slide hammer and the actuator, which is in the workshop, did not help. So, wasting no time, I take action. I am looking at the pump that is on the site. Unfortunately, it is too weak, it has only 500 BAR, which does not allow for reaching the full capacity of the hydraulic cylinder. This is a good sign for me because I will be working with Govoni tools. The Govoni pump is 700 BAR of pressure and almost a liter of oil that can be pumped into any hydraulic cylinder. I have 2 cylinders of 12 and 20 tons at my disposal. I always start with the weaker one so that the injector comes out unscathed. I get to work.

The first step is to remove the injector coils. In the set of Govoni they work with the necessary key. I put the elements of the coil into the containers marked with the injection numbers to put them together properly during the regeneration. Then I select the injector adapter. In the case of Bosch, it is a multi-point adapter, catching the injection inside by the M17 thread and outside (where the coil is screwed). Now I set the frame for the actuator. I put 4 supports on the bolts securing the valve cover - they fit perfectly. I regulate them so that they give an even plane under the frame. Then two subframes connecting the supports and the main frame supported by the supporters. Everything has to be carefully twisted to make it stiff. Then the connector and screw for the injector, the screw actuator (note - the plane of the actuator must be perpendicular to the axis of the injector, it is adjusted with the height of the supports) and finally the nut on the actuator. I connect the pump.

Attention, this is the moment (after about 5 minutes of setting up and explaining what, how and what it is for) that we are all waiting for. No risk no fun! I will take out the injector and sell the goods. Probably up to this point, the mechanic still has mixed feelings - I will succeed, I will have great tools, I will not succeed - I will have no expenses. And… I am starting to pump 1,2,3… 6,7 squats! Something shot but nothing was broken. Tech "shot" always gives me satisfaction because it means that the mechanic will make a good investment. One more moment, I loosen the actuator, pump again and the injector is pulled out. All and rusty.

There is a smile, some relaxation in the comments and the next injection is already being drawn by the owner of the website. With the last of them, he is already a specialist who appreciates Govoni tools, their strength and precision. After removing the injectors, we clean the injection ports with special cutters and stainless steel brushes. This is necessary for the new injectors to function properly and for no blow-bys.

The whole can be seen on the instructional video:

Important information about the kit I have worked on: it is a universal kit, therefore for most engines and injectors. The set has adapters for Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemens injectors, it has two pulling sections (adapter - connector - screw - bearing - nut), so it can pull the injectors simultaneously. These are the ones that are mounted together with the neighbor on one injector holder (eg Mercedes A and B class, 1.3 MultiHet engine). The set includes a Bosch injection key and a 12 ton hydraulic cylinder. Note that the cylinder can be replaced with a 20 ton cylinder as the frame is prepared for such loads.

Photo 3 universal set for injectors GV 311166000

The Govoni GV 311166000 kit is the most universal, complete and effective kit for extremely tight injectors on the market. It also has a good price.

Finally, a surprise announced by my host. Volvo V50 with 1.6 HDi engine (as we know from the PSA and Ford groups). The glow plug filament on the 2nd cylinder in the engine has broken off. The candles are on the side of the glass, so access is difficult and you need an angle screwdriver and a short tap holder to work. For the filament I used the Govoni GV 311188000 kit. It is a universal kit for M8, M9, M10 and M10x1.25 spark plugs. There is a special section for 1.4 and 1.6 HDi engines (the tools are shorter and have special drill diameters). The technology of work is as follows: make a hole in the filament - thread - screw the pin and pull it out with a slide hammer. Everything must be properly centered using centering sleeves and adapters screwed into the head. And you need to lubricate it well.

Photo 4 The broken filament has been pulled out

There is also an element of risk here, I found out for myself, because the tap can be torn off when threading. It happened to me once when unscrewing the tap. I wanted to do it too fast. This time I avoided the error and after 17 minutes the filament was removed and the candle socket was milled and cleaned. I screwed in the new spark plug with a torque wrench, as required by the candle manufacturer.

See the instructional video:

Photo 5 set for filaments GV 311188000

What to do when such a tap breaks off? How to set the frame on the head so as not to damage it, how to deal with difficult situations that await us? We provide answers to these questions during specialized hard mechanics trainings, the subject of which is: EMPTYING OF SECURED INJECTORS AND DAMAGED GLOW PLUGS. We cordially invite you to trainings that take place in your area. You can find out about the details of the training in Auto Partner branches.

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