About company

ROOKS team!

An experienced team of people creating with passion gives the ROOKS brand character. We operate so that each of you has the best tools for car and automotive service in your hands. We focus on specialist tools so that you can repair your customers' favorite cars easier, faster and efficiently. We also remember about installation, construction and economic tools that diversify our offer.

ROOKS is our main brand of tools made of durable and high-grade steel, which we create with the highest quality standards. LASER is an English brand of tools with the widest range. GOVONI is an Italian manufacturer of technologically advanced hydraulic tools. On the other hand, SELTA is a Taiwanese brand of hand tools.

Take a look in which areas ROOKS can help you:

Pneumatic tools
Power tools
Tools for the engine
Chassis tools
Service equipment
Electrical installation tools
Sheet metal and painting tools
Cabinets and tool kits
Sockets, L-Keys and Accessories
Impact sockets and accessories
Hand tools
Health and safety products
All with the idea that, as a specialist, you will receive as good tools as you perform good services.

True to the idea: Profession in hand and Rooks in hand!


About the brand

The ROOKS brand includes specialized tools made of the best alloy steels that guarantee work in the most difficult industrial and service conditions. Quality is the foundation of premium brand tools. ROOKS tools are a proposal for mechanics and specialists in the automotive industry, general mechanics as well as installers and construction specialists. ROOKS is an investment that pays off for a long time, because our tools are strong and noble, which has already been confirmed by many excellent specialists. You can expect innovative products, high-tech tools, innovations in seemingly simple constructions by taking ROOKS tools in your hand.

ROOKS - an iron alloy with passion.