Shop rules



The entity selling in the ROOKS.PL store is the company:

Auto Partner SA
ul. Ekonomiczna 20, 43-150 Bieruń
NIP: 634 001 10 17
REGON: 276249079
KRS: 0000291327

District Court in Katowice
Share capital: PLN 13,012,500
CIEP registered number: E0022722BW

hereinafter referred to as the Seller, or Auto Partner.

Auto Partner is also the owner of the ROOKS brand.




The highest standards of ROOKS customer service:

  1.    ROOKS products are designed to work under the highest mechanical loads and the highest intensity of use in industry and service. High-quality materials and developed technologies for the production of ROOKS tools guarantee effective and professional work.
  2.    ROOKS products have a 12-year, 24 or 12-month warranty, the length of the warranty is described for each product in the product file in the online catalog and depends on the type of product.
  3.    The products of other brands offered in the ROOKS.PL store have a 12-month warranty and it is indicated in the product card. The assortment of other brands is also selected for professional users and maintains a high standard of work.
  4.    Each customer has the option of returning purchased and unused ROOKS products and other brands purchased in the store within 14 days from the date of issue (in accordance with the Act of March 2, 2000 on the protection of consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a dangerous product, Journal of Laws No. 22, item 271, as amended). The cost of return is covered by the customer,
  5.    A registered customer can purchase additional after-sales options, such as: Door to Door warranty, 24 warranty, Go to Work product. The rules for implementing the above-mentioned options are described in the AFTER-SALES SERVICE section. Additional after-sales options only apply to ROOKS products.


  •           Door to Door - we will collect the advertised product from you and deliver a good product to you, wherever you are comfortable!
  •           Warranty 24 - you can extend the product warranty from 12 to 24 months, you have 30 days from the date of purchase of the product, which is stated on the sales document.
  •           Go to Work Product — You can purchase a Go to Work replacement product option to keep you working! This is an option that only works with the Door to Door warranty.

 7. The ROOKS website is available at: Auto Partner SA ul. Ekonomiczna 20, 43-150 Bieruń, Complaints Department.




Purchasing rules:

  1.    Find the products you are interested in using the online catalog and product finder.
  2.    Add the selected products to the order basket.
  3.    Enter the basket of orders and complete the order form, completing the data needed for the sale and required in the form. You can register permanently or make a one-time purchase without the need to register.
  4.    Select the type of payment: on delivery, prepayment, card payment or transfer - in the case of regular customers, on the basis of an agreement.
  5.    After confirming the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with the order confirmation in the form of a PRO FORMA sales document and payment details (if you choose the prepayment option).
  6.    After receiving the payment, the Seller will send you a confirmation of receipt of payment and details of shipping the goods.
  7.    By submitting and accepting an order, you accept the regulations of the ROOKS.PL store.
  8.    Goods with the status "on order", which you put into the basket, require confirmation of availability and delivery date by the Seller.
  9.    The rules of cooperation with stores and wholesalers will be determined on the basis of individual commercial agreements. In order to agree on the terms of the contract, select the SHOP or WHOLESALE option in the registration form. Then the Seller will contact you to establish the terms of cooperation.


Types of Payment:


  1.      Prepayment of the entire amount - should be paid to the bank account of Auto Partner SA. Account number: 66 1050 1214 1000 0022 1255 6019
  2.      Cash on delivery - upon receipt of goods in cash to the courier.
  3.      If the Buyer returns the goods, the Seller will refund the money within 7 days of receiving the goods in accordance with the contract. If the payment was made by bank transfer, the funds will also be refunded by bank transfer. The buyer may also indicate another bank account to which the funds should be returned.
  4.      The rules of settlements with shops and wholesalers are based on separate agreements.


Delivery of goods and return of goods

  1.      The delivery of the goods takes place via a courier company.
  2.      Shipping costs are as follows: free delivery for orders over PLN 500.00
  3.      delivery cost up to 30 kg (worth less than PLN 500):
    - cash on delivery PLN 25
    - with a prepayment of PLN 19
  4.      Orders weighing more than 30 kg will be divided into smaller parcels up to 30 kg
  5.      Information about the cost of transport is also provided in the Cart when ordering.
  6.      Shipments of goods are carried out on the business day following the date of order confirmation (tantamount to confirmation of the receipt of funds on the seller's account)
  7.      The delivery of goods takes 24 to 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the goods by the shipping company.
  8.      Tow Ares heavier than 30 kg and of large dimensions will be transported on pallets up to 600 kg by a forwarding company. The Freight Forwarder may expect the Buyer to return the transport pallets or replacement pallets, the same as the pallets used in the delivery.
  9.      The return of the goods takes place using the return and withdrawal form available on the ROOKS.PL website.
  10.   The return of the goods is possible up to 14 days from the date of purchase specified in the purchase document. Which means that on the 14th day, the returned goods must be delivered to the Seller's warehouse.
  11.   Withdrawal from the contract: the consumer must complete and sign the withdrawal form attached to the product and send it to the seller's address or e-mail:




……………… .. …………………………… ..

(place, date)


name and surname, address of the consumer


... ................................................. ...


…………………………… ................

seller and shipping address:

Auto Partner SA ul. Ekonomiczna 20, 43-150 Bieruń


I, the undersigned, exercising my statutory right to withdraw from an off-premises contract within 14 days from the delivery of the goods, hereby declare that I withdraw from the contract of sale concluded on .......................... .............................................., concerning the product o number: ..... ……………………………… ..., goods received on ........................ ........., on the basis of a purchase document with the number: ... ................................ .................................................. .............................




date and signature




  1.   The return is at the buyer's expense.
  2.   The return may only refer to undamaged and unused goods with intact unit packages. The goods must come directly from the Seller and it is necessary to attach the original proof of purchase to the goods.
  3.   Simitec will carry out an inventory of the returned goods each time, on the basis of which it will determine whether the return takes place in accordance with the contract. If so, it will return the money to the buyer within 7 working days. Auto Partner will return the value of the returned goods and the one-time cost of delivering the goods to the customer.
  4.   If the goods are not in accordance with the contract, damaged or used, then Auto Partner will not accept the return and will not refund the money to the buyer, but will send an inventory document by e-mail.
  5.   Simitec does not accept any COD shipments.
  6.   In the event of non-compliance of the goods with the contract, the customer is entitled to rights in accordance with the Act of 27 July 2002 on special conditions of consumer sales and amending the Civil Code (Journal of Laws No. 141, item 1176, as amended).
  7.   Inconsistencies in the delivery of the goods should be reported to Auto Partner using the goods delivery form available on the ROOKS.PL website or by sending a written notification to the Simitec address
  8.   When reporting non-conformities in delivery, the following procedures included in the notification form are helpful:

Providing the weight of the entire shipment broken down into parcels

Providing the tracking number and the name of the courier

Providing the number of the proof of purchase

  1.   In the case of damaged packages, taking photos of the shipment - external photos of the packages (each separately) and photos of non-compliant, damaged or defective goods (one for each incompatible item). The photos should be included in the non-compliance form.

Warranty and service:

  1.      Simitec provides a guarantee for the ROOKS range as described below:
    12 YEARS: sockets, socket accessories, combination wrenches, tool sets,
    24 MONTHS: other hand tools,
    12 MONTHS: devices for car service equipment.
  2.      Individual consumers may also use the seller's warranty, which is 24 months from the date of purchase indicated on the purchase receipt; the warranty applies to the entire range available at the store
  3.      Each product has a description of the warranty period, the description is included in the product card in the online catalog on the ROOKS.PL website
  4.      The products of other brands offered in the ROOKS.PL store have a 12-month warranty and it is indicated in the product card.
  5.      The warranty covers only hidden and material defects of the products sold by Simitec.
  6.      The warranty does not cover damage caused by exceeding the limit values ​​of forces destroying the material of the tools, the use of tools other than the intended use, the use of damaged tools.
  7.      The product loses the warranty in the event of modifications, self-repairs and hardening, surface damage and corrosion of the steel from which the product is made.
  8.      The buyer has the option of using the manufacturer's warranty in the case of products of brands other than ROOKS, by submitting a notification directly to the guarantor of a given product, bypassing the ROOKS.PL store, which is an intermediary in transferring the warranty.
  9.      Products with traces of repairs will void the warranty.
  10.   Products that are worn beyond the specified standards or worn unevenly void the warranty.
  11.   All complaints should be submitted after via the SERVICE and COMPLAINT form on the ROOKS.PL website
  12.   The claimed goods must be complete and must contain a detailed description of the subject of the complaint. The product does not have to be in the original packaging. .


Terms of warranty


  1.      Auto Partner SA, as the Guarantor, provides a guarantee for the sold tools and ROOKS service equipment.
  2.      The guarantee is granted on condition that a purchase document is attached to the advertised goods.
  3.      The guarantor's liability is limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland.
  4.      The warranty for the sold goods does not limit or suspend the buyer's rights resulting from the warranty or non-compliance of the goods with the contract.





General warranty conditions


  1.       The warranty for the products sold is granted under the following conditions and consists in the free removal of defects resulting from material and dimensional defects or errors in the production process identified during the warranty period. The warranty does not consist in free removal of defects related to improper use of the products.
  2.       The warranty protection period lasts depending on the type of goods and is specified in the marking on the product or in the product card on the website The warranty period may be: 12 months, 24 months or 12 years.
  3.       The warranty period begins on the date of purchase of the device by the first user, which is confirmed by the transaction date on the purchase document.
  4.       The warranty is valid only with the purchase document and complaint notification made via the website - service form
  5.       Deliveries of damaged products to the ROOKS service center are possible through designated courier companies: UPS or Poczta Polska - ordinary, non-courier mail - and only the costs of these carriers are covered by the guarantor. It is a gross cost of PLN 19 for the UPS company.
  6.       Defects preventing the operation of the equipment in accordance with its intended purpose and revealed during the warranty period, will be removed immediately at the guarantor's expense. Delivery and return of the repaired product are also at the guarantor's expense. If the user sent the product to the service at his own expense, the guarantor will reimburse the user for the courier fee, in accordance with the fees agreed for UPS, i.e. PLN 19 gross.
  7.       Defects resulting from improper use of the product or use in improper conditions can be repaired at the user's cost. The user also covers the costs of transporting such product.
  8.       The warranty does not cover the guarantor's liability for damage to persons or their property arising during the warranty period and resulting from defects in the goods.
  9.       Acceptance of a defect covered by the warranty results in its free removal by repairing the tool, replacing it with a working one or returning cash at the guarantor's choice.
  10.    Replaced tools or their parts become the property of the guarantor.
  11.    There are no rights other than the right to remedy the defect of the device specified in the warranty conditions.
  12.    If the product is accompanied by specific warranty conditions for this product, then the general warranty conditions are subject to limitation as stipulated in the warranty document.


After-sales service for regular customers

  1.      Simitec, in the interests of regular customers, offers additional benefits of long-term cooperation and services available to loyal customers
  2.      Each regular customer has the right to benefit from special prices, depending on the volume of purchases or a separate commercial agreement.
  3.      Each regular customer can purchase the Door to Door guarantee:
    The cost of the Door to Door option for one product is PLN 39.00 net,
    This option is only possible for products that are in the Door to Door category in the online catalog
  4.      The option is to collect the advertised product from the customer and deliver it back via courier.
  5.      The place of collection and delivery must be the same and specified by the customer
    One Door to Door option can be performed up to 3 times
  6.      Each regular customer can purchase a Product Go to Work warranty:
    The cost of the Go to Work option for one product is PLN 100.00 net,
    This option is only possible for products that have the Door to Door option purchased

The option consists in delivering a replacement product to the customer for the duration of the warranty service in the Door to Door option.
One Go to Work option can be performed up to 3 times

  1.      Each regular customer can buy Guarantee 24:
    The cost of the Warranty 24 option for one product is PLN 12.00 net,
    This option is only possible for products that have a 12-month warranty|
    The option is to extend the warranty to 24 months from the date on the purchase document.
    This option is registered in the system for a specific product, which receives the Warranty number 24
    The option can only be purchased within 90 days from the date of purchase of the product, which is entered on the purchase document.
  2.      The customer agrees to place the personal data provided by him in the Simitec database and their processing for the purposes of implementation contract, in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws 2002 No. 101, item 926, as amended)
  3.      In order to facilitate contact, we suggest using the contact form on the ROOKS.PL website or sending an e-mail to: or contacting the representatives directly:
    Szymon Zawada: +48 881 93 0006