September 2020 is an intense time of training and development for the ROOKS crew. We participated in the specialist training of GOVONI, our trade partner from the ROOKS GARAGE group, at the Technical Center of this brand in Leipzig.

During the training, we got to know the latest high-technology tools that are used in Europe in factory services and more and more often in independent car services. The advantage of these tools is, firstly, work safety, and secondly, the time and pace of work. The GOVONI brand focuses on the mechanic. Their tools allow you to service modern cars in less than half the time compared to service standards. The third advantage is the technology that allows you to perform complex repair procedures that standard and traditional tools cannot cope with.

As a result of the training, we got to know the tools for such websites as:

replacement and removal of broken glow plugs without disassembling the head,
replacement of seized injectors,
replacement of bearings, driveshafts and hubs with the use of hydraulic systems,
engine suspension in modern cars with plastic and aluminum bumpers,
replacement of shock absorbers and suspension springs of various types and shapes.
After training at the GOVONI Technical Center, we especially recommend the latest set for the complete service of removing a broken glow plug or its filament from the head, product number GO540, details are available here: ROOKS