Robot, automatyczna kosiarka do trawników top 1400, 5,2 ah - ROOKS

Robot, automatyczna kosiarka do trawników top 1400, 5,2 ah


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The most technologically advanced, ultra modern and robotic lawn mower up to 1400 m2.

The ROOKS robotic mower is a device that will replace you in the daily care of the lawn. It has a powerful 22V, 5.2 Ah battery. 3 mowing blades with a diameter of 18 cm, cutting height adjustment 2.5-5.5 cm, power 57.7 W, the lowest sound emission level 55 dB.

The mower has a special control application and a WiFi module, it mows in four ways: random, spiral, edge, and zigzag, it has an intelligent mowing path selection, which increases its efficiency by 30%. The mowing speed is 22 meters per minute. The Grass 1400 mower automatically runs a random program with an intelligent mowing path. The spiral program is used in places with hard, faster-growing or stubborn grass, to turn it on, place the mower in a place that requires more thorough mowing and start spot mowing in the application. Within 5 minutes, the robot will accurately mow a circle with a diameter of about 2.4 m. Mowing the edges is also performed automatically and the robot determines a different starting point for such mowing around the perimeter of the field.

The robot is controlled by an LCD panel and an application, it has all safety systems: sensor of elevation, line crossing, collision, gyroscope, alarm and anti-theft protection. It also has a rain sensor and IP65 protection. The Rooks robot operates in a loop made of an electric wire

The ROOKS robotic mower is easy and economical to use. Its work is non-invasive and leaves your lawn in an extraordinary condition and green. The zigzag function should only be used on parallel (square or rectangular) surfaces and can be temporarily disabled in the application (optimizing the operation of this function). Currently, this function is activated automatically in the largest, parallel workspaces of the ROOKS robotic mower, and you will not turn it on manually.



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